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Companies with $1 billion and above in market capitalisation

Gold ico Gold StarHub Limited
silver ico Silver Wilmar International Limited
bronze ico Bronze CapitaLand Limited

Companies with $300 million to $1 billion in market capitalisation

Gold ico Gold Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Limited
silver ico Silver Tuan Sing Holdings Limited
bronze ico Bronze Riverstone Holdings Limited

Companies with less than $300 million in market capitalisation

Gold ico Gold MegaChem Limited
silver ico Silver Nam Cheong Limited
bronze ico Bronze Frencken Group Limited

REITs & Business Trusts

Gold ico Gold CapitaLand Retail China Trust
silver ico Silver Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust
bronze ico Bronze Cache Logistics Trust

First-Year Listed Companies

merit ico Merit JUMBO Group Limited

Objectives of the Award

  • To recognise companies that embody the spirit of good corporate governance and corporate transparency; and hence adopt and implement best practices in investor relations (IR);
  • To motivate other listed companies to improve the quality of their disclosure and raise their standard of corporate governance in their communication with shareholders and the investing public.

Categories of the Award

The Award will be presented in the following categories:

  • Companies with market capitalisation of S$1 billion and above;
  • Companies with market capitalisation of S$300 million to less than S$1 billion;
  • Companies with market capitalisation of less than S$300 million;
  • REITs & Business Trusts;
  • First-Year Listed companies.

Selection and Judging Process

The selection and judging process consists of a three-stage process:

In Stage 1, all listed companies are subjected to a preliminary screening using the following sources:

  • The company’s Singapore Governance and Transparency Index score;
  • Dedicated IR link and IR contact on the company’s website and/or annual report.

In Stage 2, a final shortlist of companies is identified using the criteria (described below).

In Stage 3, a panel of judges reviews and evaluates the shortlisted candidates based on the information provided by the companies and evaluators.


The following criteria are used to identify the final shortlist of companies:

  • Responsiveness of the IR contact to cold calls and emails;
  • Comprehensiveness/ user-friendliness of the IR link, specifically the types and quality of information provided (e.g. annual reports, presentations, etc.) and speed of downloads;
  • Whether the company submits requested information on the IR function and practices;
  • Whether there are negative news items related to IR, such as being on the SGX watchlist, late announcement of financial or AGM results, modified audit opinion, and queries about disclosures and announcements.


Ms Joyce Koh

Executive Director
Singapore Institute of Directors

168 Robinson Road #09-06
Capital Tower
Singapore 068912

Telephone: 65-6422 1188
Facsimile: 65-6422 1199
Email: joyce@sid.org.sg

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